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Welcome to the UK Bugei Organisation website.

 The United Kingdom Bugei Organisation is a non-profit making multi style martial arts organisation, run by its blackbelt members for the benefit of all students of Martial Arts.

We offer clubs, groups or individuals; membership, insurance, gradings, multi-style courses and coaching in traditional martial arts, with complete freedom to run your own clubs.

The United Kingdom Bugei Organisation recognises all Arts of Bugei (Martial Arts) and its aim is to help Clubs, Instructors and students recognise each other as all having something to offer.

The aim of this web site is to provide you with information about us, our aims and philosophies, details of our news and courses, to introduce our Standards Board, show where our clubs and instructors are located and of course how to contact us.

What is Bugei?

Bu = Martial

gei = Art

An earlier name for Martial Arts.

Many organisations use the modern term Budo.

do = way

Literately meaning 'martial ways'.

You will also see Bujutsu (or Bujitsu)

Jutsu/Jitsu = technique or science

Bujutsu refers specifically to the practical application of martial tactics and techniques in actual combat.

Bugei refers to the adaptation or refinement of those tactics and techniques to facilitate systematic instruction and dissemination within a formal learning environment.

The Bugei Juhappan ("Eighteen martial arts") were a selection of combat techniques and corollary arts used by the samurai of Tokugawa-era Japan. Mastery of these arts was considered essential to the samurai. (List to Follow).